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Community Development Authority


Established in 2002, the Community Development Authority (CDA) was created to assist with blight elimination, slum clearance, urban renewal and community projects for housing and business development.  Below you will find information on the programs currently available for home owners.

Housing Rehabilitation Program

Funds are lent interest free to eligible applicants for home repairs.  The loan is not paid back until you sell the home or you no longer live there.  Funds can be used for siding, painting, roof repairs, new windows, door, and other general improvements. Click Here for more information or contact Kari Justmann at 920-392-5137. Click Here for an application form.



Funds for home repairs are available to landlords who rent to low or moderate income tenants.  The loan is interest free and is paid back in monthly installments.  Contact Kari Justmann at 920-392-5137 for more information or an application form.Click Here for an application form.